Selfie (2019)

  • Comedy, Dark Humor
  • 1h 48m

No longer available

UK Première Screening

Like a whole series of Black Mirror in one film, these six darkly humorous, interlinking stories explore our increasing dependence upon digital media. Cyberstalking, social media, online shopping, swipe dating, vlogging - all come under its insightful gaze. More than just another anthology or portmanteau film, this is a much cleverer proposition, with characters and plot lines recurring throughout the different stories. As the web connections grow, the film builds towards a grande finale set at a wedding on an island with no mobile phone signal - until someone finds one, leading to an hilarious showdown. Given our increased reliance on technology to stay connected under the current Covid-19 lockdown, this is a wry commentary on the tyranny of internet connections and screens (Selfie is brought to you exclusively, and ironically, by one of the UK’s first online film festivals!).

“If one image here doesn’t tickle you, it’s easy enough to swipe to the next.” - Variety.


Elsa Zylberstein, Fanny Sidney, Julia Piaton, Finnegan Oldfield, Blanche Gardin


Tristan Aurouet


Thomas Bidegain


Marc Fitoussi


Cyril Gelblat


Vianney Lebasque





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